Thursday, October 30, 2008

Re Post: 5 Other Reasons Why You Need to Quit Smoking Now

Today i was googling for awhile, i was trying to find idea or inspiration about my blog ( the other blog beside this one). But then i was socked when found this article. I don't know how to find best words to tell you about the dangerous of smoking habit. So with really sorry i have to Copy the whole article but ofcourse i also put the writter link so you could ceck the source.

Ok, here it is:

Author: Janet Martin

Despite the General Surgeon's warning that smoking is dangerous to health, many people still choose to smoke. It seems that smokers would rather sacrifice the health of their lungs just so they can puff on cigarettes everyday.

However, if you do smoke, your lungs are not the only organ in the body affected by cigarette smoking. If you are not afraid of emphysema, lung cancer and other-related diseases, then you might want to consider quitting on account of other harmful side effects of cigarette smoking. Read on.

1. Increases Risk of Lupus And Other Autoimmune Disease

Several studies have found that heavy smoking can make a person more susceptible to developing lupus and probably other autoimmune diseases. Lupus is a disease characterized by swelling of the joints and degeneration of the tissues. The good news is that once you quit smoking, your risk of getting lupus is also diminished considerably.

2. More Prone To Age-Related Blindness

According to research, people who smoke are four times more prone to become blind than those who never tried smoking and this is due to macular degeneration -- an eye disease that is related to aging. However, studies also confirm that people who quit can significantly lower their chances of getting this disease. Ophthalmic surgeon Simon P. Kelly said that over 25% of those who suffer from visual impairment and macular degeneration were either past or current smokers.

3. Puts Infants At Risk

Women who are pregnant should absolutely refrain from smoking and even from being exposed to second-hand smoking. Aside from harming their body, mothers who smoke are also putting their child at risk. According to a European study, babies whose mothers smoke are at a higher risk of encountering SIDS, or sudden infant death syndrome, than those whose mothers never touched a cigarette in their life.However, the main causes of SIDS are attributed to sharing the bed with the infant and also the position of the baby while sleeping. Aside from SIDS, infants who are exposed to cigarette smoke are also more susceptible to colic.

4. May Be The Underlying Reason For Your Impotence

Popping a pill for Erectile Dysfunction may not be the only way to treat your impotence. It may be a better idea if you stop smoking, which is known by many to contribute to infertility and impotence in men.

5. Accelerates Mental DegenerationAs you age, certain degree of mental decline is understandable, especially of you are already 65 and above. However, according to a study of 9,200 individuals, the rate of mental degeneration of men and women smokers who are above 65 years old are about five times faster than to those who are nonsmokers.

Cigarette smoking also raises incidence of blood clotting, artery damage and risk of stroke, which can all cause mental decline. Exposure to tobacco also accelerates the beginning of Alzheimer's disease.Since quitting smoking is quite hard to do, you may want to seek help in how to do it. An effective way of starting your journey to quitting smoking is through detoxification, or the elimination of all toxins and chemicals inside your body. One way of body cleansing or detoxification is through the use of Colopril. To know more about this product, you can visit

Well, what do you think?
Is it smart decision to stop smoking?

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